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Obsessive, insane, cursed but also terribly fascinating

When lines are blurred, when heroes crack and when the villain owns undeniable truths, then true fascination begins; because there it lays the tantalising allure of Dionysos.

In this area of unease, when reality turns upside down, when the absolute truth becomes mere opinion, and when the ravings of mad men draw out of the circle the sane, give yourself an hour to bask in the presence of who knows better.

Stay confident and rise to a cosmic intelligence created to guide us into the depths of the psychedelic madness that balances abstruse reason.


Producer: Netzzeit and Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento

Director: Michael Scheidl

Concept and Music: Roberto David Rusconi

Conductor: Timothy Redmond

Sound Engineers: Florian Bach and Elias Kern

Scenographer: Nora Scheidl

Choreographer: Claire Lefèvre



19 January 2019  Trento/Italy
20 January 20 2019 Trento/Italy

19 September 2019 MuseumsQuartier/Vienna
20 September 2019 at MuseumsQuartier/Vienna
21 September 2019 at MuseumsQuartier/Vienna

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